Mosley Speaks:
In Two Parts
A report of Mosley’s speech in East London in 1948 and another in Kensington Town Hall on the 18th October 1949,
Mosley saw the possibility of a united Europe emerging as a third great force in the world coming between the USSR and the USA. He also saw this as a way of releasing the Eastern European nations from the grip of communism. This would have meant taking up the Soviet offer to remove troops from Eastern Europe if the Americans would do the same in Western Europe.
Oswald Mosley also saw that a united Europe could be used to bring harmony between the rival nationalist groups within Belgium, Spain, Italy and other places. This would have meant a relaxation of borders but he insisted that this would not be a melting pot Europe but rather like the union of England, Scotland and Wales where individual differences in the regions would be protected and encouraged.
He did not support the European Union as it stands today, and called only for economic, defence and foreign policy synchronisation. Similar wages and prices, social benefits and taxes, would discourage great migrations of labour from one nation to another.
This view was popular with racial nationalists who took the view that the white race should be united in view of the rapid growth of the population of the coloured world.
Mosley claimed that the small European countries had no independence today for economic reasons, but united that would belong a a bigger grouping which would have the resources for scientific development and provide a bigger market for their products and in this way be free from the power of international finance.