By William Joyce

Written during the time he was a member of the BUF. An explanation of the principles of leadership over the committee system. Joyce makes it clear that he is opposed to the many inequalities of the present system, but qualifies this by saying that the laws of biology and physical characteristics make it impossible that there should exist any real equality between men. He then discusses liberty saying that the liberty to rob a neighbour’s house or the liberty to ruin thousands of human being by unscrupulous but legitimate speculation on the world stock exchanges is absurd. He goes on to say on liberty that Fascism, at any rate, will allow nobody the liberty to destroy England and her Empire. He gives examples of how democracy betrays the people, because, politicians make promises to electors and then renege on these undertakings. Joyce then discusses the book byJohn Strachey called The Menace of Fascism, saying that in some ways it is correct, from its author’s point of view!

He describes the advantages of the occupational franchise in order that people may vote on issues they understand. He concludes by postulating that high position should only be given as a reward for service. Merit and service to the nation should be the chief attributes in qualification for leadership, and this was his strongest point.