By Arnold Leese

How the Arabs were betrayed in Palestine by the British Government. Rather than review this booklet we here reproduce the first few paragraphs:

PALESTINE is a country about the size of Wales. Its population before it was singled out to be a National Home for the Jews, in round figures, it consisted of: –
Muslim Arabs, 500,000. Christian Arabs, 63,000. Jews, 65,000. In 1938 the number of Jews are nowover 400,000.


By means of constant propaganda the Jews have induced the Gentile peoples to believe that the Jews have some moral right to occupy Palestine. No such moral right exists.

The Jews crept into Palestine by stealth; for only about 350 years in the whole history of the country was it under Jewish control; and the Jews lost it by conquest. Since the Romans came to control the country the Jews have never ruled Palestine in any form. They actually have no historical claim to the country at all. They have, generally, been an absolute nuisance in it.

The Christians have a far better moral claim to Palestine, for there a Galilean founded their religion. They have always called it the The Holy Land and ? and have waged several Crusades to regain it from the Mohammedans, and in these wars thousands of Christians lost their lives. The Jews did the Founder of the Christian religion to death there.

There is another point. The Jews who have immigrated into Palestine since the National Home was attempted, have been chiefly Ashkenazim Jews; these are the Jews of Eastern Europe; unlike the Sephardim Jews who are mainly congregated in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea, these Ashkenazim Jews are the descendants, not of Jews who were ever domiciled in Palestine, but of the inhabitants of the Khazar Empire in Southern Russia, which flourished from the 7th to the l0th century, and whose early ruler became converted? to the religion of the Jews and forced his subjects to do the same. Thus, the Ashkenazim Jews have not even the excuse that their ancestors ever lived in Palestine.