John Rozmital and Henry Ford

Two separate essays on the subject of so called progressive art.

In the first section regarding modern art Rozmital quotes other critics of the genre such asOrson Wells,Margaret E. Stuki andKenneth Forbes. The latter wrote a book on the subject entitled Great Art to the Grotesque. In a chapter calledThe Crime Against Sanity, Forbes warns in order to understand the chaos in art today, the public must become aware of the false claims that are made on behalf of modernistic painting and the stupidity of the accusations against the traditional forms of fine art.

Oswald Spengler is also quoted as saying that …the art of the West was deteriorating into a noisy show run by money.

The second part of the booklet written by Henry Ford deals with the promotion of music he regards as degenerate and unpleasant. He explains how its main motivation is to make money and that real talent and skill, and even taste, are subordinated to this aim alone.