By Keith Thompson
The story of the Romanian nationalist movement.
Corneliu Codreanu was a quite exceptional personality and his influence continues, not only in Romania, but among nationalists world wide and right up to the present day. The book describes his early association with men such as Constanin Pancu and Professor Cuza. It details the various organisations with which he associated and led. At that time torture and murder by the police were frequent in Romania and only by extreme endurance and hard work could nationalist organisations survive. Religion was a big factor and The Legion of Michael the Archangel led by Codreanu later became incorporated in to the Iron Guard on its formation. In 1932 the Iron Guard won 70,000 votes and by 1937 had 16.5% of the popular vote. In 1938 King Carol suspended the constitution and shortly after this Codreanu and some of his colleagues were strangled to death by members of the very politicised state police force.

The Iron Guard finally gained power under Horia Sima who along with General Antonescu formed a government. Under this Government King Carol abdicated and his son Michael took his place.The Iron Guard suffered banishment and only returned to power when the King in a despicable act of treason decided to welcome in the attacking Red army. The Germans reinstalled the Iron Guard who then fought on until the end of the war.