By Seth Adamson

A study of of Brazil and racial integration. The author points out that this vast country was first settled by the Portuguese in 1503. He goes on to show how rich the country is in natural resources and tells us that it is second in size only to Canada and that it is bigger that the United States by a quarter of a million square miles.

In spite of these great assets Brazil is a third world nation which has not developed even a small part of its great potential. The question posed by the author is, is the reason for this to do with the racial types who inhabit this vast and rich land? Portugal had been occupied by the Moors for about 500 years – but more importantly than this, was the Portuguese policy of importing millions of black people from Africa as slaves into Brazil.

So certain is the Brazilian government that their lack of progress is due to the racial make up of the population that they have for many years positively encouraged immigrants from the white nations of Europe. This booklet is recommended for those who are interested in multi-cultural societies. Sources for the authors conclusions are included.