By A.K. Chesterton

This well written treatise explains in detail how The Money Power has come to rule the world through usury. Chesterton says that The Left Wing, almost to a man are ready to abandon national sovereignty in favour of Federal Union, or any other shoddy little Utopian day-dream. They do not see that these schemes are designed to cloak the underlying reality that international finance is anxious to create a world debt collecting agency in the form of an international army, which would make national resistance to the will of the cosmopolitan bankers an impossibility. The entire history of the rise of the power of the great international bankers, based in Wall Street. USA, from the late nineteenth century to modern times are examined. How the once mighty British Empire was gradually taken over and Britain reduced to helpless dependents and slaves to the financiers. Also dealt with in convincing detail is the link between communism and high finance. The object of the whole conspiracy being nothing but desire for raw power and wealth for those few who control the credit – upon which the world of today runs.