A Life to Live – The Life and Times of Colonel George Joyce: Colchester and the Trial and Death of the King: Book three Paperback – 1 August 2013

Major George Joyce of Lord Fairfax s Lifeguards, newly married to Elizabeth and recently appointed Governor of Southsea, has been recalled to his regiment at the start of the Second Civil War in 1648. King Charles I is a prisoner of Parliament and awaits trial but Parliamentarians are falling out amongst themselves over what exactly to do.

George s first engagement is at the siege of Colchester, a bloody battle ensuing. The royalists under siege surrender and peace returns.

The next consideration is the trial of the King and there are many arguments about the legality of this, and whether a republic should be established or the King s son allowed to reign.

George returns to London and then to Southsea to oversee the security of the King, liaising with an agent he has in place in the king s supporters who are still trying to effect the King s escape.

One evening an attempt is made on George s life, only thwarted by the alertness of his friend Robert. However this is almost turned around as George is then accused by an old enemy of murdering his assailant. Fortunately this is not upheld.

Pressure eventually results in the King being brought to London for trial. He is convicted but even then there are conspiracies to prevent his execution by removing the executioner. George has to lend an unexpected hand.


Pages: 184
Size: 212mm x 148mm
Publisher: Janus Publishing Company Ltd., London.