A Life To Live – The Life and Times of Colonel George Joyce: The King, Marriage, Treachery and Southsea: Book two Paperback – 30 May 2013

The year is 1648 and George Joyce is a captain in Sir Thomas Fairfax s Lifeguards. He is also betrothed to Elizabeth Hammond. On his return to London preparations are underway for the Army General Council in Putney where various manifestos are to be debated. We also learn that King Charles I is now being held on the Isle of Wight in an effort to prevent his escape.

Having undertaken some clandestine work, George is offered the position of Governor of Southsea and takes up the position after his marriage to Elizabeth, taking with him some trusted aides. From there he mounts security measures to secure the king and prevent any plots to release him.

In the meantime there is unrest in various parts of England and also Wales and Scotland, where it is known the Scotch army are trying to raise funds to launch an invasion, and it is suspected these are coordinated to divide the English army to facilitate an invasion. Slowly and surely, the Second Civil War is under way.


Pages: 194
Size: 212mm x 148mm
Publisher: Janus Publishing Company Ltd., London.